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Screen printing is a technique which has an extremely long tradition. One of the main characteristics of screen printing is its incredible durability. At Reflect, we provide our customers with a range of different inks with which excellent visual effects can be achieved.

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  1. The lowest prices among Polish contractors

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  2. Realisations for the biggest brands

    in Poland and Europe!

  3. We work with the most modern machine park

    from American producer M&R!


  4. Thorough product quality control

    consisting of several stages and professional team to carry about!

  5. Order screen printing on selected clothing

    from our catalogue or from entrusted clothing!

Recommended Shirt to print
B&C #E190

Rekomendowana koszulka do nadruku<br/><strong>B&C #E190 (190g)</strong>
man, women and children cutting/style available
40 kolorów do wyboru.
fashionable European style.
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Why screen printing?
Screen printing is a very durable marking method
Cost-effective for high volumes (above 30 pieces)
Possibility to obtain unusual effects (discharge, neon, gold and silver, blurring)
Suitable for multicolour "full colour" printing and gradients
Can be washed at up to 50 degrees
What you should know:
It does not offer the possibility of personalisation (the design must be the same for the entire print volume)
Screen printing is not possible on fleece
Files for printing must be sent in vector graphics in PDF format

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