Garment making

We create garments from scratch: we design, sew and finish them.

We create patterns and prepare pattern layouts. We also dye knitted fabrics to a defined Pantone colour. Our pattern shop also has a range of fabrics whose colour can be selected from a ready palette.

Minimum production: 100 items!
Produkcja i szycie odzieży oraz metek.

With our professional design studio, we are able to adapt all our garment production and sewing
services to the individual preferences and needs of our Customers

  1. We design

    We create customised clothing cuts and patterns, and adapt them to personalised measurements requested by the Customer

  2. We sew

    We have our own sewing facility which sews up to 1,000 T-shirts daily using fabrics selected by the Customer. We manufacture promotional apparel, and workwear

  3. We print

    We print on all kinds of garments (promotional, workwear, protective clothing). We employ all the available imprint methods (screen printing, embroidery, DTG printing, dye-sublimation, flex foil, flock foil, latex foil)

  4. We label

    We label garments with our own labels (jacquard, thermal transfer, sublimated, or flex). We also provide re-labelling services which involve removing the producer’s label from the garment and replacing it with the Customer’s label. Labels give garments their unique character, and make them stand out

  5. We decorate

    An important part of the garment production process are decorations which help distinguish one company from other businesses. In addition to our own labels which are sewn in the neck of the garment, we also offer rubber, or embroidered labels, as well as cardboard tags, and tie-on labels

Advantages of made-to-order apparel

Szycie odzieży.
  • Unique style of clothing
    Each garment is the only one of its kind, and adapted to the Customer’s specific needs
  • Customised sizes
    Clothes made to measure. We design and sew clothes to match the Customer’s measurements.
  • Cost saving
    We produce and sew garments in any quantity, starting from just 1 item. The price of made-to-order clothes is only slightly higher than that of the off-the-rack products.
  • Top quality
    We use exclusively high-quality fabrics selected by the Customer from the available product range.