Imprint technique: latex flex foil

It is the most innovative and eco-friendly imprint method with a wide spectrum of applications. It is a surface technique which is fused onto the fabric using high temperature.

It reproduces the full depth of colours, which makes it ideal for transferring multi-colour photos and images onto all kinds of fabrics, including polyesters: sportswear, jackets, polyester T-shirts. In addition to apparel printing, latex foil can also be used for elements of interior decoration, e.g.: wallpapers, cushions, wall decals.

Dokonaj wycen
Ekologiczna folia lateksowa na odzież i akcesoria.

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Why latex foil?
It has the necessary certificates and approvals attesting to its safety (it can be used in hospitals and kindergartens)
Cost-effective for small (from 1 item) and large orders
Several different designs can be printed for one order
The number of colours used in the design has no effect on the price (full colour)
What you need to know:
It can be used on all kinds of fabrics that do not melt at a temperature of 160°C
When used for printing large surfaces, it creates the effect of stiffness (stiffness of the flex foil)
The method cannot be applied for printing large numbers of small elements (e.g. a hundred small, separate stars) which cannot be cut out

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