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One of the most popular techniques of marking clothing is DTG digital printing, which reproduces even the smallest elements of a design with extreme precision and accuracy. 


Printing is carried out in the largest and most modern machine park in Poland with a globally recognised brand Kornit.kornit_logo

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Rekomendowana koszulka do nadruku<br/><strong>B&C #E190 (190g)</strong>
man, women and children cutting/style available
40 kolorów do wyboru.
fashionable European style.
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Why DTG digital printing?
Cost-effective for low (from 1 piece) and medium volumes (100-200 pieces)
Perfectly reflects the small elements of the design and the depth of colour
Possibility to print different designs for one order
The number of colours used in the design does not affect the price (full colour)
Maximum printable area: 50x70cm
Highest print durability (over 100 washes)
What you should know:
Washing requirements: wash on the left side, at low temperature (30-40 degrees), on low speed, without machine drying.
This method is mainly suitable for cotton or low polyester clothing.
Can be printed on seams or welts of clothing.
We do not print black on black clothing or white on white clothing!

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