Imprint technique: computer embroidery

Computer embroidery is one of the most elegant and durable imprint methods. We make custom embroidered sweatshirts, as well as performing embroidery on various items of clothing, such as: hats, shirts, fleeces, and on towels, or bags.

Our range of threads includes: standard smooth threads, and metallised threads which produce untypical effects, e.g. shiny silver embroidery, or high relief 3D embroidery. We also use highly durable fire-retardant threads.

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Haft komputerowy na odzież. Znakowanie koszul, bluz, kurtek, polarów, koszulek polo.

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Why embroidery?
It is the most durable imprint method
It is cost-effective for orders starting from 10 items
Non-standard effects can be achieved with metallizing and fire-retardant threads
You can personalise your garments with embroidered names, or numbers
Resistant to multiple washing cycles in high temperatures
What you need to know:
Embroidery cannot be used on thin fabrics below 190g
The method is uneconomical on large surface areas

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Embroidered patches

We offer embroidered embroideries, also known as embroidered applications made in the technique of computer embroidery.

Our embroidery company implements text designs, company logos, emblems, shields, emblems in the computer embroidery technique, where the substrate on which the stripe is made is felt (rich choice of colors) or denim. Every time the design of the patch is specially computerized to adjust the necessary stabilizers, thread order, stitch types and many other factors. Patches created by such technique are an important element in the field of advertising embroidery. In our embroidery machine we make strips in any printout, even from 1 pc. Check our embroidery machine price list.

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Naszywka haftowana złotą nicią metalizowaną.

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